Josephine Chiang is a queer, nonbinary Taiwanese-American film actor based in NYC. They have spent equal parts of their life in Taiwan and the US. Rooting from their ever-evolving relationship with their queerness, upbringing, and exhausting desire to continually fall in love, Josephine brings to life tenacious and vulnerable characters across their work

Josephine Chiang Josephine Chiang Josephine Chiang Josephine Chiang 

recent work

Dir.Dylan Rizzo
A native New Yorker and her best friend search for belonging against the ever-changing backdrop of New York City

A burgeoning music writer spends a romantic weekend on an assignment with a queer indie artist she admires. Meanwhile, her older sister deals with the complexities of motherhood, an expanding marriage, and a slow but ferocious illness

Dir.Morgan Mein
Suspense comedy about a queer couple from Brooklyn that gets an unexpected visit while they’re on vacation in the Hamptoms

Main Street: Pilot (2023)
TV pilot about an intergenerational web of characters in Flushing, Queens, starting with an engagement party where family conflicts go up in flames

Not THAT Rich (2023) 
Based off a YA Novel by Belinda Lei, an American-Born Chinese girl navitages social and familial pressures against the backdrop of a private high school in San Gabriel Valley

They’re Packing (2023)
A group of queers head upstate for the weekend to learn how to shoot a gun

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